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Though SEO and content creation are important aspects of digital marketing, SEO is a long term investment and takes months to produce leads consistently. Pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns for Google, can give you a taste of what to expect once your organic marketing efforts have peaked.

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What We Do

The Pay-Per-Click Market

PPC seems to be a costly process, but it does not have to be. If done correctly, your advertising would generate much more traffic than what you were looking for. Fortunately, Magnet Marketing has a Phoenix-based PPC management team ready to take your call!

We’ll help you reap the rewards faster, thanks to our years of experience as one of Phoenix’s top Pay Per Click advertising agencies. From finding the right audience to setting the right budget, selecting targets, inputting keywords, testing the platform’s rules, using enticing content and photos, and more. 

We take the reins from your hands and take your company on a once-in-a-lifetime adventure! No matter what business you’re in, we’ve got you covered from campaign strategy to execution.

Google: For Better Leads

Magnet Marketing is a PPC consulting agency with paid search specialists to handle the

campaigns on most complex channels such as Google Advertising (formerly Google AdWords, Bing Ads).

The Pay-Per-Click Market


Our PPC heroes are a trusted choice for home services firms in Phoenix, Arizona to:

  • Build, start and maintain new PPC campaigns.
  • Optimize current publicity programs to boost efficiency
  • Delete unnecessary publicity expenditure on pricey keywords and badly optimized PPC


  • Improving conversion rate to make more leads and sales with the same amount of traffic.
Responsible Budget Monitoring
Testing, Testing, Testing
Trusted and Proven Expertise
Proven PPC Strategies
100% In House Management


Why Magnet Marketing PPC?

Google, being the most widespread search engine, gets the most traffic delivers the most clicks and impressions to your ads. Therefore, it is important to conduct PPC marketing through Google Advertising. Our PPC hero will provide you with complete Google PPC consulting. The PPC consultants make sure to use appropriate keywords and match types for your PPC ad to appear for the highest value search terms.


From many factors that determine how efficacious your PPC campaign, our PPC consultants will focus on:

Keyword Weight

Crafting for PPC keywords that are relevant to your business form comprising of tight keyword groups and engaging ad text.

Landing Page Quality

Creating optimized landing pages for unique search requests, with detailed, appropriate material and a straightforward call-to-action.

Quality Score

A quality score is Google's quality evaluation and validity for keywords, landing pages, and PPC promotions. Having a high ad quality score will lower your cost on bidding for keywords. Our PPC consultants work on quality scores to get more clicks at the most affordable prices.

Ad Copy

Attractive ad copy is crucial, and we use our digital marketing platform and PPC hero to produce high-quality ads creating designs that will attract clicks.

Pay Per Click Sign Up

Signing up Magnet Marketing for your pay per click marketing services, you will be content that your PPC ads are managed by paid search specialists that are expert and certified in Google Ads.

Get more traffic, more customers, and more revenue with these strategies!


Google's Local Service Ads and Benefits

Google’s Local Service Ads are a perfect complement to the local SEO strategy for particular industries like roofers, plumbers, garage door professionals, electricians, and HVAC providers. 

When a searcher types in a local search query, they may see some reputable professionals in their area listed directly above the conventional paid search ads; these new ads include a business number, hours, ratings, and feedback.
The benefit to google’s local service Ads is that advertisers Pay per Lead, not per Click! This is a new service and is not available in every industry yet.

We provide detailed ROI reporting

We previously discussed the importance of reviewing your ad performance to ensure that you’re generating as many conversions and traffic as possible. Don’t worry. We’ll take care of it as well.

We track your campaigns’ efficiency, A/B test landing pages, and ensure that your keywords successfully generate leads. We’ll let you know how your campaign is doing and make informed recommendations on how to proceed.

Get a Free Google Ad Evaluation and Proposal

Submit your site’s URL and contact details, and we’ll perform a technical site audit and Google Ad audit to determine what’s holding it back.

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