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For roofing contractors near them, people turn to the internet to find trustable contractors on the web. Let us help you improve your Roofing SEO.

Roofing SEO Services

Are you looking to book more jobs and get better leads? Being at the top of the search engines is the first step. Let the experts handle your roofing SEO campaign.

Just having a website isn’t enough. If your roofing company’s website does not appear among the top three entries of a Google search for “roofing companies city, state” or “roofers city, state,” you’re losing business to your competitors.

Magnet Marketing can help. Roofers and contractors can fully benefit from the expertise of our SEO experts, who are experienced in generating more qualified web traffic, converting website visitors into leads, and booking more jobs.

Roofing businesses looking for a top SEO agency to help take their business to the next level will find what they need with us! Our company, Magnet Marketing, is an award-winning roofers internet marketing company with over ten years’ expertise in the roofing industry. We provide a range of SEO services that you can discover below, including what we provide and what separates us from our competitors. What are you waiting for? Get started now!

SEO For Roofing Companies
Marketing For Roofing Companies

Discover Roofer SEO Strategies that will triple your sales

We are one of the top marketing solutions for roofing companies and we have an array of tools at our disposal to help you meet your businesses goals.

Using the proven Magnet Marketing Lead Generation and Sales Systems. We build a fully running Lead Generation system combining the best parts of FB ads, Google ads and SEO to bring in hot leads with buyer intent for you to close.  The longer you work with us, the better it becomes, as we start to rank organically with your Google Business Listing and Website, we can decrease the amount needed to invest in Ads Spend for the same amount of leads.  

If you own a roofing and siding business and want to grow to the point that you can do 25 or more roofs per month, look no further. Our team of roofing SEO experts will help you develop a tailored marketing plan that is perfect for you and brings in the revenue you desire.

To Start Getting Quality Roofing Leads, Contact Us Now!

We have a 6 step system in place that is guaranteed to deliver results.

Our goal is to improve our client’s bottom lines and provide outstanding returns month after month, year after year. The more customers you have, the closer we are to achieving our objectives!

1st. Building your own Branded Lead Gen machine

No one trusts a business who doesn’t have a decent website. We can help you create a fast, user friendly, educational, high converting, lead generation machine with some of the worlds best roofing website designs to attract your ideal customers. We build you a completely customized branded website that is fully primed to convert traffic into leads ready to buy. We make sure the website is mobile-friendly, ultra-fast, and has relevant offers and Call to Actions to convert potential buyers into leads.

You gain Instant credibility from your professionally designed website. This website is the foundation for all our other Lead Generation methods.

2nd. Google ads for Instant Buyer Intent Leads

One of the best lead generation methods for Roofing companies is Google Ads. You want to be in front of people searching for roof repairs and roof replacements. Leads from Google Ads and organic search have the highest buyer intent, and convert into sales more often than leads from other platforms. The beauty of Google ads is that you can get the ROI on your Ad spend quickly, which will allow you to scale.

When people are looking for a roofing contractor, your company is prominently displayed everywhere they look. Our targeted Google Ads will make leads pour down like a leaky Roof!

3rd. Getting found on Google Maps

Every business owner knows the importance of showing up on Google Maps. Google maps searches account for nearly one third of the leads of our average roofing client. We help you to claim and optimize a Google Business Listing in each city that you have a location in. Then we help optimize it to show up on Google through the best Local SEO practices.

As part of doing Local SEO for your Google Business Listing, we create over 250 citations in the top business directories for both the roofing industry, and the directories local to your area. This helps you to be found on other platforms that customers might be looking for such as Yelp, Home Advisor, Angies List, Yellow Pages etc. Aside from the customers searching on those platforms for services, being listed in so many directories also makes you seem like more of a credible business to google, which will boost your Google Business Listing rankings.

Anytime anyone in your service area searches for “Roofer near me” or any relevant search term, you will show up 3 times, once with your Google Ad at the top of the results, once with your Google Business Listing, and once with your organically ranked website. You will dominate the first page of Google, and capture the maximum amount of traffic to your website, which will then convert into leads and paying customers.

4th. Taking Control of your Reputation

In business, your reputation is everything, especially in the roofing industry where there are so many fly-by-night roofers. At Magnet Marketing SEO, we help you take control of your reputation by building a custom trust management system.

Building trust with potential customers offers two main benefits. First and foremost, establishing credibility makes customers more likely to choose you over your competition. Demonstrating your reliability and professionalism will increase lead conversions every time. Secondly, Google places a premium on trustworthiness. The more reliable your business appears, the higher you will rank in the Google Map search results. We help you create a robust strategy to enhance your trustworthiness and credibility consistently with both your past and future clientele.

Your roofing company comes across as trustworthy and reliable, and your GMB Rankings increase dramatically. This makes you more visible to customers looking for your services, and allows you to convert more traffic into Leads!

5th. Go where the customers are with Social Media Marketing

Since the Pandemic of 2020, Social Media usage has really gone through the roof (see what we did there), if you’re not utilizing Social Media to target your ideal customers, you are leaving money on the table.

At Magnet Marketing SEO, we offer Social Media Management which helps build up your Facebook or Instagram Page organically and increase your brand awareness. In addition to managing your Social Media accounts, we also create and manage targeted Facebook Ads to your ideal customers. We recommend running 3 types of ads, 1st is a general roof replacement ad with a discount for your services. 2nd Ad is for storm damage that we run after every storm, to educate customers about the process of getting their roof paid for with insurance, and the type of damage they could have after the storm. We target this ad to the areas that were hit heaviest with the recent storm. 3rd we run retargeting Ads, to show to anyone who has visited your website previously, or interacted with your business in any way. This allows us to convert leads who weren’t ready to buy initially, but are still interested in your services. We have honed in our AD copy to convert viewers into leads for roof inspections and roof replacement quotes.

You will dominate the online space. When someone searches for Roof repairs and clicks on your website, Google Business Listing, or Google Ad, they will then be shown your Facebook retargeting ads until they are ready to purchase a new roof. 

6th. Invest in your business with SEO for Roofing Contractors

When it comes to attracting the right customers, nothing beats organic SEO for roofing companies. This is seriously the most undervalued advertising method for roofing companies. Many business owners don’t realize how important it is for an ongoing off Page SEO campaign to make your website become more trusted by Google and rank for all the relevant search terms. Roofing is a competitive market, you can’t get away with hiring the cheapest Web designer off of Fivver and expect to have any organic web visitors or leads. You need SEO experts who are experienced working with the roofing industry. We have ranked multiple Roofing companies in some of the most difficult markets in the US.

The only drawback of SEO, is that it takes time. So many Roofers are impatient and end up buying leads that don’t convert, instead of investing in their own brand and ranking their own website on Google. Roofing keywords tend to take 6 to a year to rank for on Google with consistent SEO work. But once the rankings are there, the stream of leads will never stop and your brand will be more credible now that it ranks number one on Google. Your business will also become more valuable if you ever choose to sell it, as it now has a consistent Lead Generation method that doesn’t require ad spend to maintain. You will have clients calling you for roofing services every day of the week.

We understand that roofing SEO is difficult and time-consuming. Magnet Marketing is the best SEO company for roofing contractors who want real results delivered at a fair price. We care about the customer experience, take aggressive action on your website every month, and give monthly reports on your ranking progress so you can see the results in real time.

With our 6 step proven method, we are able to guarantee you blow your competition out of the water and that you’ll have more roofing clients than you know how to deal with. If you’re a growing roofing business with a long-term mindset, send us a message to see how we can help!


While the services we offer for roofing companies are the same, the cost is custom for each business. The price is based primarily on how tough the competition is in that area online, as well as how aggressive of a marketing budget you have.

Websites are generally delivered within one month of ordering them. This includes the customer written content, logo and graphic design, hosting, and everything else necessary for a fully optimized website.

We sell leads in certain markets. Our price is $30 per roof repair lead, and $50 for roof replacement lead. Our leads are exclusive, so we only work with one roofing partner per city. We generate our leads using the same methods we use for our clients.

Yes, as there are so many SEO companies who take their money and run. To differentiate ourselves, we offer 8 month to page 1 guarantee. If you’re not on page 1 after 8 months of SEO for your target keywords, we will work for free until you are.

Unlike most of our competition, we don’t use long contracts to lock you into working with us. We believe you will be so satisfied with our value and your results, that you will never want to cancel. But if you decide you want to cancel, you can cancel our services at any time. When you cancel, we won’t hold you hostage with your website, or your Google Business Listing either.

Katie Finn
Katie Finn
Amazing work that exceeded my expectations. Willing to work with me for as many changes and extras that as I wanted. Great value. Very excellent work. I am beyond pleased with my website. It looks awesome, and the content is outstanding. Communication throughout the process with updates. Responsive, professional, and very courteous. Very helpful and informative to me as I was just starting to get my business off the ground. Now that website is done, can't wait to see the SEO and marketing results! Highly recommend for all your website and digital marketing needs. Bryce and his team have the expertise for all areas and industries.
Evan Ehrlich
Evan Ehrlich
Bryce and his team do an amazing job. There are very patient as well as thorough with there explanations as well as execution of services. I highly recommend them for doing SEO services for your business
Jon Zimmerman
Jon Zimmerman
Bryce has been great to work with. He has done what he promised and his communication is excellent. I'm glad I found him.
Joseph Guynup
Joseph Guynup
I could not be any happier with the service Bryce has provided. He walked me through the entire process of rebuilding my company’s website with great patience and detail, as I do not have that much knowledge in this area. He explained which options would benefit our company best and then went right to work. We look forward to a long lasting relationship.
Brian Celender
Brian Celender
Great company to work with!
Jacob Lee
Jacob Lee
Bryce was a tremendous help in creating the perfect website for my business. He did everything from the A to Z while still including me every step of the way. I enjoyed the process and I’m very happy with the results.
ESPINOSA, Zaxx Stefano
ESPINOSA, Zaxx Stefano
Building a website for my business had been something I was dreading for a long time. I was worried it would be expensive, and that if I did get one built, it would take years before I could rank high in google. I was so surprised to learn how affordable SEO experts were and how good they are at ranking my site on google! The whole process was so smooth, I couldn’t be happier!

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