I love helping clients set up local service ad accounts. It only takes a few minutes to set up and optimize, and once everything is done you get qualified leads for only around $25-35 (in most markets) for calls, and half that price for the message (form submission) leads.

Unlike other pay-per-lead services these leads are exclusive to you, and you can dispute any lead that isn’t qualified and be fully refunded. 

Some of our clients are receiving 100-150 leads per month per location where they are running the ads. The cost is half of what we would spend if we were getting the leads from Pay Per Click Advertising in those same markets, and the lead quality is much higher compared to Facebook Advertising.


What they Look Like:

Local Service ads are the new Number 1 Result in Google, above other Google ads and Google Maps Listings.

Current Category List:

Google is continually adding new categories to its platform. These are the current categories available in the United States, Canada only has 15 categories available currently, and other countries have even fewer.


Google Guaranteed VS Google Screened:

Google screened is a new program similar to Google Guaranteed, but focused on professionals such as Real Estate Agents, Lawyers, Financial Planners, and Mortgage Brokers.


Differences from Google Guaranteed:

The cost per lead is higher with Google Screened compared to Google Guaranteed. 

There is no “Guarantee” as Google is not offering any money back for bad experiences.

Google Screened shows a profile picture of the professional who is advertising. 


Setting up your account: 

Verification Requirements:


The full verification process takes around 2 weeks (that’s the processing time for the background check). If you have the insurance and Licensing documents available the whole setup process will take around 20-30 minutes.


Link to set up an account:



Phone Number for Background Checks: (In case there is issues)



Local Service Ad Support Number:



When to call Local Service Ad Support?

  1. When setting up your account, you’ll need to call them to make the ad go live, and sometimes to connect your GMB reviews to your Local Service Ad Account.
  2. If you want to change your phone number on the listing. 
  3. If you have any other issues with the verification process or with the ads.


Ranking your Ads:


***Bonus Tip:

How To Use The Local Service Ad CRM:

Local Service Ads Optimization

New Leads:

This Category Should ALWAYS be at 0 at the end of the day each day. If you have any leads in the “New” Column, it means that Google thinks you haven’t responded to the lead yet. This category is where the missed call notifications, new messages, and any other lead that hasn’t been responded to go.

Active Leads:

This is all the leads that you haven’t set an appointment with yet, but have already responded to. You and your team should be actively following up with these leads.


These are any leads that you have set an appointment with. (This doesn’t need to be an appointment to do the work for them, it could just be an inspection or to give them a quote).

Completed: These are leads that you have done the work for.

Archive: Any lead that you don’t plan on working on. Old leads that you didn’t close, or leads that went with another company.

Walk through Video:

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