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How Moe got 150 calls in his first month working with us!
Moe came to us a few months back asking if we could help him get more leads for his Garage Door business since he was paying 3 other marketing companies and still not getting enough work. We set up their Google Guaranteed, built him a new website and did some basic GMB SEO while we waited for their advanced verification to come back (This is something only for Garage door and Lock Smith companies, it takes 3-4 months to complete).

As soon as their background check came back positive, we started running the ads and ramped up the SEO.

Take a look at the photos for proof! The ads went live on June 8th, they’ve already gotten 109 inbound leads in that time! Plus their GMB nearly tripled in the amount of calls they are getting. It went from an average of 14 calls per month, to 37+ per month! That isn’t even counting all the new leads from their website and others who didn’t click the call button. Now Moe has been able to fire his 3 other marketing companies, and is on track to more than double his business in the next few months!


Other screenshots!

Any SEO Agency who dosn’t rank number one in their own area, can’t claim to be the best. We rank number one for all the Gilbert SEO Related terms.


Started with Brand new website 0 metrics:

8 Months Later:

Landscaping and Tree Service


After 8 month of SEO

Roofing and Exterior Construction

After 6 months of SEO

HVAC Company

Built brand new website + New Domain to this in 3 months of SEO

Solar Company (One of the hardest SEO Niches)

Built brand new website + New Domain to this in 8 months of SEO


Roofing and Siding Company

Before: 0 organic traffic

After: 5 Months of SEO 173 organic traffic per month.

Garage Doors:

Month 2 of SEO

Month 4 of SEO


Month 6 of SEO

Insurance Adjuster:


After one Month

After month 3

65 calls in January! From just a 4 month old GMB!

GMB Results:×7-20220127-0720.gif?fbclid=IwAR1SyezIqj8iUK2OQOFkNG3hxZDAIaZu7TRQAI8aYFGw7m3Af8aM2t1Siik