Advosy- Local Service ads + SEO Case Study

Advosy was a roofing company that was completely reliant on door knocking. They had a full team of door knockers but never had gotten a lead from their website or Google Business profile.

We built them a new website, optimized their GMB and set up local service ads.

Their GMB went from 0 calls a month to 19 after just two months of SEO. Now it is between 40-60 calls per month just to their main GMB.

Their local service ads also took off quickly

Before they worked with us they never got any leads online. After a few months we created additional GMBs in 2 other states, and set up Local Service ads for them in those other locations.

They now get over between 200-300 organic calls from their GMB and website, and their 3 local service ads accounts. This has brought millions in revenue to their business and allowed them to have enough revenue to expand their business quickly.

They have been profitable enough to purchase other roofing companies, a Solar company, a Restoration company and an HVAC company. They are quickly on their way to dominating every home service industry in their area.

One year later, and the LSA ads ads are still going strong! 193 leads in one month from this one location!

121 Leads in one month!

After rebuilding their website, their traffic and impressions immediately increased.

First month results: GMB + Website started showing up more. Went from 0 traffic to 4.7 on ahrefs

Then 3 months later it went to 52 traffic per month! Not a huge amount but enough to bring in a few leads organically.

After month 1 GMB results

Month 5